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I want to identify my Substitute Decision Maker

A Substitute Decision Maker is the  person (or people) who will make healthcare decisions on your behalf when you can’t. Use the resources below to help you understand who your Substitute Decision Maker is.

Substitute Decision-Making Brochure

Speak Up Workbook 

Online interactive version here

Power of Attorney for Personal Care Brochure

Advance Care Planning Fact Sheet

Still unsure?

Watch this short video to learn more about the hierarchy of Substitute Decision Makers in Ontario.

I want to have conversations with my Substitute Decision Maker and other loved ones

Now that you know who your Substitute Decision Maker is it’s time to start talking to them. But what do you talk about? Unfortunately you cannot predict what the future has in store for us but we sure can share our values, wishes and beliefs with our loved ones. Letting them know what is important to you, what you value, what you consider when making your own decisions is important information to share with your Substitute Decision Makers and others. Help them become the expert in YOU. These resources can help you with your conversations.

Conversations Worksheet

Speak Up Workbook 

Online interactive version here

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Ready for more? Get yourself a wallet card.

Once you have identified your Substitute Decision Maker, be sure to fill out a wallet card. It is a great way to keep this information with you at all times.