Your patients want to talk about this with you, so why not start today.

As a healthcare provider, you have a role to play in ‘planting the seed’ with your patients. Introduce Advance Care Planning early…you and your patients will be happy you did.


Use the resources below to help you introduce these conversations today.

Resources for Healthcare Providers

SDM Conversation Starters  -Start by asking about their Substitute Decision Maker. It is easier than you might think.

ACP Conversation Starters  Try one of these opening lines to help your patients start their conversations.

Clinician Conversation GuideThis guide was produced by Dr. Jeff Myers & Nadia Incardona to help providers facilitate these conversations.

Speak Up Workbook (Ontario Edition) – A great resource you can share with your patients to guide their conversation.

Interested in adding the SDM question to your Electronic Medical Record

Take at an tool for your EMR tool in action

Resources for your Patients

Sharing resources with your patients is a helpful way to get them started in thinking about this information. Sharing correct resources is an important first step. You can then check in next time your patient comes for a visit.

Substitute Decision-Making Brochure

Speak Up Workbook 

Online interactive version here

Power of Attorney for Personal Care Brochure

Advance Care Planning Fact Sheet


Conversations Worksheet


Be sure you have our most popular resources on hand…

Once someone has identified their Substitute Decision Maker they can  fill out a wallet card. It is a great way to keep this information with them at all times.