Faith communities are a great place to start having these conversations

 Faith leaders can help transform how we talk about planning for a time when we may not be able to speak for ourselves about our healthcare and end-of-life wishes, values and beliefs.


Use the resource below to encourage your congregants to talk in a familiar, safe setting about what matters most to them.

Resources for Faith Leaders

Sample Sermon – Including this topic in a Sermon is a great way to get the conversation started.

SDM Conversation Starters  Try one of these opening lines to get the conversation started.

ACP Conversation Starters – Try one of these opening lines to get the conversation started

Time To talk Promotional Poster Use this poster to promote this year’s Time to Talk campaign

Blog – Take a read through our blog for more information

Press Release – Sharing the message in the media is always helpful.

Videos – Hear what other faith leaders and champions have to say about Advance Care Planning conversations

Need something easy to get you started?

Why not include the following message in your news bulletin, order of services, or program? Plant the seed and point your community to our resources.

 Imagine you’re in the hospital, too ill or hurt to speak for yourself…Do you know who would make health care decisions for you?   Imagine your husband or wife has had a stroke and us unable to communicate with the doctors…Do you know what kind of health care he/she would want or not want?

Unfortunately, these situations occur more often than we would like to admit. Deciding who will make health care decisions for you and having conversations with them can make it easier down the road. You can find information on how to decide who will make health care decisions for you (your Substitute Decision-Maker or SDM) as well as the roles and responsibilities this person will play if needed by visiting the Conversations Worth Having website

Resources for your Congregation

Sharing resources with your congregation is a helpful way to get them started in thinking about this information. Sharing correct resources is an important first step and you can point them in the right direction.

Substitute Decision-Making Brochure

Speak Up Workbook 

Online interactive version here

Power of Attorney for Personal Care Brochure

Advance Care Planning Fact Sheet


Conversations Worksheet


Be sure you have our most popular resources on hand…

Once someone has identified their Substitute Decision Maker they can fill out a wallet card. It is a great way to keep this information with them at all times.