If you want to spread the word about Advance Care Planning, you are in the right place

Education has a big role in raising awareness and understanding about Advance Care Planning conversations.


Use the resources below to help you get started.

Resources for Educators

Having resources at your fingertips is always a good thing. Here you will find tip sheets,  videos, and other resources that can help you as educators

Presentation Templates – Use our slide decks to teach the basics of Advance Care Planning in Ontario. Speaking notes included.

ACP 101 Template  – a great presentation to meet the needs of the general public

ACP Education Template for Long Term Care – A 3-part presentation tailored for Long Term Care. You can find supporting resources & activities below.

Activities, Scenarios, Worksheets – Having the opportunity apply knowledge is always helpful in making ideas stick.

Multiple Choice Table Activities 

Activity A Template 

Activity B Template

Activity C Template

Role Play Character Profiles

Coming soon.

Conversation Starters & Communication Tips

SDM Conversation Starters

ACP Conversation Starters

Communication Tips

Videos – incorporating videos is a great way to bring some punch to your education. We have used these videos regularly and have received rave reviews.

Want more background information?

Why not watch a full recording of Advance Care Planning 101 to get yourself comfortable.

Resources for your participants

(clients, patients & colleagues, etc)

Sharing resources with your clients, patients, colleagues is a helpful way to make this information stick. It also allows them to take some time on their own to learn more and continue the conversations on their own time.

Substitute Decision-Making Brochure

Speak Up Workbook 

Online interactive version here

Power of Attorney for Personal Care Brochure

Advance Care Planning Fact Sheet


Conversations Worksheet


Be sure you have our most popular resources on hand...

Once someone has identified their Substitute Decision Maker they can fill out a wallet card. It is a great way to keep this information with them at all times.